Welcome to NRJETIX place!


We are a team of like-minded professionals with a full extent of skills in software design, development and QA.


We are here to help you create, implement, support, and improve your software products and semi-products, whether innovative or workhorse!


If your brew an innovative project in your mind, we can offer you our R&D laboratory, which supports a variety of disciplines. We often apply the research results, mined by our lab, in the projects we work on.

Our R&D lab also performs on-demand research and development in the domain areas specified here.


We work as legal entity and are fully empowered to sign up contracts with companies and individuals, both offshore and inshore.


We can help you either with small projects and integrated multilanguage systems.


Our experience and approach allows us create software products from MPORG and web\WAP Internet sites to cryptographic and medical applications for various markets. Also, we have collected extended experience in custom software development outsourcing, its shortcomings, benefits and bottlenecks. And we give you a relevant risk reduction management.


We know not only creative but also formalized approach helps make a project start up successfully and bring profit to its owner. We can give you that combination with a documentation supplied at each stage for you to seize a full control over the development process.

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